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Our seller Rating and Review System is now live!

    Site Updates    03/11/2015

seller_reviewsWe are happy to announce that our new Seller/Trader Rating and Review system is now live. Each users average rating and number of reviews will be displayed on the ‘Poster’ tab from their ads, with full reviews (with feedback) published on their profile page. Please make sure to rate and review anyone you have purchased from or traded Vape equipment with on our site.

In order to rate/review anyone you have had a transaction with on The Vape Trader you first need to know their user name. You you can find it from of their live listings or if you already know their user name you can go directly to their profile page (https://thevapetrader.co.za/author/USER-NAME). If you need help locating the profile of a Seller/Trader that you would like to rate and review please feel free to contact us and we will help you out. Once you find their profile page simply click the ‘Leave Feedback’ button to rate and review the user.

All ratings/reviews submitted will be manually reviewed by a site administrator before being published, so please please refrain from any sort of threats, profanity, personal attacks or from posting any personal information about the seller or trader (name, email address, phone number, address, etc.). Otherwise your review will not be published. Additionally, please make sure to include what item/s you purchased or traded in the feedback/comments of your review.

Moving forward we hope this makes The Vape Trader safer to use and allows for honest sellers and traders to gain more confidence in future transactions. However, since no transactions take place directly on our site (like eBay or Amazon) we are unable to track transactions and notify buyers to rate their transactions. Therefore, this system is currently completely optional and up to the users of our site to utilize or not. Sellers should ask their buyers to rate and review any transaction after it has been successfully completed, as should both parties in a trade.

Please comment below if you have any questions or if you notice any issues with the new rating/review system.

*Please note that you must be logged in to be able to rate/review. Visitors that are logged out do not have the option to leave feedback.

Thank you,

The Vape Trader support team

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