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Tips for Sellers: How to effectively sell your Vape equipment

    Site Updates    14/10/2015

how to sell your vape mod tips imageOver the last couple years our platform has emerged as one of the most popular and effective solutions for Vape Users and Vape Vendors to list and sell their new and used Vape equipment online. In this time, we have successfully connected thousands of Vape sellers with buyers and in doing so have learned a thing or two about how to effectively advertise and sell your items on our platform.

Below is a list of tips we have compiled for sellers on our Site, in order to get the most use out of our Classified Advertising service:


1. Proper Categorization

Before posting, please make sure that you understand our Category structure and that you will be posting within the best category for the item/s you are listing. Improperly categorized ads are often not approved, and even if they are they will not get as much exposure as properly categorized listings. A few quick points in this regard: You can not sell items in our WTT Categories, these categories are for trade only. If you are listing multiple devices (mods or tanks) you must list in our Vape Lots/Bundles category for a total price, however, complete setups (Mod, Tank/RDA, Batteries, Charger etc) are allowed to be listed within their respective WTS Category (VV/VW Box Mods, Unregulated Box Mods, Mechanical Mods etc.). For best results we generally recommend taking the time to list items or setups separately, rather than as a lot.


2. Follow our ad field ‘Tips’ when posting and be as detailed as possible with your descriptions.

When compiling your ad listing make sure to read our tips for each field (by holding your cursor over the question mark). We now offer advanced search options within specific categories and if your fields are not formatted right, your listing may not be searchable. A few other important points: Be short and concise with your titles (i.e.: Authentic Copper Limitless Mod), but be as detailed as possible with your descriptions. Let interested buyers know why you are selling, details of condition, and any other information you think might be important. Write original descriptions – as descriptions copied from elsewhere (stock product descriptions) on the web will most likely prevent your ad from being ranked on Google for specific related searches (this is how many people find your ad).



3. Gain Trust with photos

Sellers are allowed to post up to 7 images of their items. We highly recommend posting multiple photos of your Vape equipment to effectively showcase your item and provide buyers with an accurate representation of what they would be buying. In hand, in box, serial number close ups, and collages  all tend to work well. Including a picture of a purchase receipt and/or a certificate of authenticity have proven to be very effective as well. If these are not available simply writing the date of listing, your user name, and “@TheVapeTrader” on a piece of paper to include in your photo, is also helpful in gaining buyer confidence. Also keep in mind we often feature photos of newly listed items on our Social feeds, so try to make them look good! Consider including a pic with your favorite eJuice and we will give them a shout out on Instagram if we post your photo (maybe they will return the love).



Price your vape equipment to sell! This is the single most important tip we can provide sellers. We often see sellers listing USED vape equipment on our site for more than you can buy it for NEW! Typically Vape products purchased at local retail shops are priced much higher than they can be purchased for Online. This oftentimes creates a discrepancy in pricing when our users go to try to sell their used items online that they paid a premium for locally. Simply put, if you are listing something that is used (as a private party), for something that can be found elsewhere for cheaper NEW than your chances of successfully selling your item/s on our site are slim to none. Most buyers on the site are very aware of, or are easily able to compare retail prices from any of the countless online retailers. They are on our site to find good deals on both used and new vape equipment. For the best chance at selling your Vape equipment on our platform, used items should be priced a minimum of 10-50% below New retail value (online retail value – not local retail value), depending on condition. New items should also be priced at or below retail value. New retail value can be found by doing some quick Google research or by checking what your item/s are priced at directly on popular and reputable online Vape Shops such as VaporDNA, Mt Baker Vapor, or DirectVapor. If you would like to see how we price new and used items ourselves, check out our Consignment Shop to get an idea. Another tip, if you want to see the ‘true’ value of your item/s (what people are actually paying for them), then go to eBay, search for an item and click ‘completed listings.’ This will show all completed listings for the item in the last few months, if they sold and how much they sold for (green). Bottom line, if you want to successfully sell on our platform set price your items fairly and competitively, at below NEW online retail prices, and you will be happy with the results.


 5. Sharing really is Caring…

…About getting your item sold! After posting your item you should consider sharing your posting page (or if you have multiple items listed your author page [thevapetrader.com/author/Your-User-Name]) on any Social Media or Vape discussion forums (if allowed) that you might use. It only takes a minute and it lets your selected network know what you are selling. After all, people that know you or know of you are more likely to purchase from you then complete strangers. Additionally, it helps spread the word about TheVapeTrader, so we can continue to grow, add new features, stay moderated, and provide a better resource for all. To make this simple we have added some easy to use social sharing buttons on each ad listing page. Simply go to your ad listing page (look to the left or scroll down) to find our Social Sharing buttons… Click and Share. Want to share just an image, rather than a page? We got that covered too, with share buttons available on all images throughout our site. Alternatively you can follow us on our Social Media outlets (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter) and if you see us post your item on our feed there, you can repost/share it that way. You can can also share this blog post as well, if you so desire! Ok, enough about the sharing, you probably get the point!.


6. Respond to interested parties ASAP.

Whether your are communicating via phone, email, social media or using our private messaging system – try your best to respond in a reasonably quick manner. If you did not state a preferred way for buyers to contact your in your ad (phone #, email address, or Social Media) then users will be contacting you via our messaging system, which will send you an email message if a buyer is interested. You can respond by simply replying to the email. Buyers on our platform tend to buy quickly when they see something they like. If you do not respond within a reasonable time-frame it is likely they will move on to the next deal that catches their eye. Also FYI, we recently enabled public comments. These are moderated and is mostly used by our support team to let posters know if anything should be fixed on their ad. But occasionally you might get someone publicly commenting on your listing. Try to respond there as well if possible (you will be notified if you receive a public comment too).


 7. Update your profile pic and page.

Interested buyers are often clicking on your profile page to learn more about you. If your profile page has no information buyers might be skeptical. Simply login, click on the orange ‘Edit Profile’ button and take a minute to add your name, a little about yourself, a social profile or two, and a profile pic. Social profiles are especially important because buyers can verify that you are a real person and contact you there as well. After all, if you were a buyer who would you be more likely to buy from?



 8. Feature your Ad.

This one may seem obvious, but featuring your ad doubles the chance of selling your item/s and we have the data to support this claim. Yes it costs a bit extra – if it did not it would not be as effective. That is why it is a premium ‘Feature.’ Featured ads our shown in the scrolling header on the top of most pages, and at the top of their respective category listings. So if you are looking to sell your item as quick as possible and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks to do so, consider featuring your ad. In the near future we will also be offering premium Social Sharing and Newletter publishing options as well, where for a small amount we will share your ad on all of our Social Feeds and/or Weekly Newsletter for additional exposure.


9. Be honest, keep your reputation in tact, and ask buyers/traders to review their transactions with you.

Our new seller rating/review system is now live! ‘Average seller rating’ and ‘number of reviews’ will now display on the ‘Poster’ tab on all ad pages. Buyers can rate and review any transaction they have had with you from your profile page. Getting a few positive reviews/ratings can be a very powerful tool to gain buyer confidence. We suggest you ask any past buyers or traders that you have dealt with to rate and review your previous transactions. Additionally, there is a new ‘Report Ad’ feature which allows ads to be flagged. Similar to Craigslist if an ad gets flagged a certain amount of times (by different users) it is removed. Continue being honest and friendly and you will have nothing to worry about here!


10. Report Posting Problems or any other issues with the site

With the large number of different operating devices (smartphones, tablets, lap tops, & desktops) combined with a all of browser options (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE etc.) updated to a new version every couple months there are bound to be occasional compatibility issues. The most common is uploading images – and even well known sites like Craigslist and eBay occasionally have this problem. If the flash image loader is not working properly on your device try switching to browser loader. If this does not work, please report the problem to us detailing the issue and providing your device and browser information. You can also email photos directly to us (ads@thevapetrader.com) if you can not get your photos to upload. By reporting any problems you are having with The Vape Trader, you are helping the us make the platform better for all, and we appreciate it!


Can you make changes to your existing listings?

Absolutely. If you would like to make any of these recommended improvements to your listing, you can log in to your account at anytime, go to your dashboard and edit any of your listings from there (by clicking on the pencil icon).


Thank you for reading and please comment if you have any other vape selling tips to share with our users. We would also like to hear about how we are doing. Please let us know of any way you think we could improve the platform for sellers (and buyers).


-TheVapeTrader support team

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